Friday, November 18, 2011

Daddy Bully

We had such a great night!  I got done working today and got to have a nice conversation with one of my students' mothers.  She was such a delight!  I really am starting to feel like a teacher.  And that's a great feeling.

I left school before four o'clock today to try and get back early enough for R and I to both pick up Kage from day care.  It's a special treat for her if we can both make it to pick her up.  She just squeals with delight when she sees mommy and daddy walk into her classroom.  And hearing her "mommy" "daddy" makes our hearts swell with pride. 

City Christmas lights are already on!
It's no secret that I'm a certified psycho mommy.  I jump down any one's throat if I even think that my daughter isn't getting top notch care.  And so, we recently changed her provider.  Again.  I know, I know.  This is like her fourth provider in her short one year of day care life.  But I had my reasons.  Drop-offs were TERRIBLE.  She cried, I cried.  It was just not good.  And then the teachers were not following my directions when I would request her having juice with snacks and milk with lunch.  They gave her milk at lunch and snacks.  Well....she has poop issues.  The girl needs apple juice once a day.  And.  She isn't too keen on milk.  Since giving up the momma milk at 15 months, she's just not taken to cow's milk all that well.  So, she wasn't drinking enough of the milk to satisfy her daily liquid intake.  And, in turn, wasn't having enough wet diapers.

I took the daily sheets to her pediatrician and she agreed.  It wasn't sufficient, nor was it healthy.  So, we got the handy dandy doctor's note stating that she must have juice or water offered all throughout the day.  The whole week following that note being brought in.....she had milk with snack and lunch.

I gave up.

So we did decide to stay with the same school, just switched to a different campus.  I mean, I am thrilled, beyond thrilled with their curriculum and program.  I can't say enough about how much Kinley has learned already.  But the campus just wasn't a good fit. 

Don't get me wrong, it was so nice being able to walk her there and walk to pick her up.  But let's face it, I'm so lazy.  I walked one time.  So now the new campus is about 10 minutes away, but it's on the way to work for both of us.  And.  She loves it.  Like, really, really loves it.

And I love it.  The girl counts to ten and knows most of her ABCs.  She sings the words to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."  She sings the words to "The Wheels On the Bus" and she identifies colors.  Every day we are learning new things that she has learned through their program.   I am beyond happy with that.  My baby is so smart.  So smart.  And so pretty.  And I love her. 

So back to today....we both went to pick her up and it sure was a blessed treat, for sure.  We took her to eat at McDonald's.  Yes, I am a bad mom.  Whatever.

We went to a fancy McDonald's in a nice, ritzy area.  Does that improve my bad mom status?  The Play land was posh.  I loved it.  She was in heaven.  Played her little heart out. Ate a little. 

You see, we can't do restaurants anymore.  The child doesn't eat (for day care, she eats 2 and 3 helpings of lunch).  So taking her to a restaurant means that she'll just fight us to get down and run.  She no longer does a high chair or booster.  She's big girl chair all the way.  Lord help us. 

So a kid friendly restaurant is all that we are allowed.  Mac and Don's it is.

She ate (some) and we let her play for a bit.  And then we headed to family night at the local play place.  This place rocks.  It has so many climbing things and slides and bounce houses and an art room and a coffee bar and pizza.  And on Friday nights, it's only $5 per child.  Score!  Cheap and fun! 

We had a blast.  The last time that we went, she was so tiny and could barely slide on her own.  Tonight, she was running us ragged.  She was climbing and sliding and running and playing.  Blew us away. 

She climbed to the top of the twisty slide, and she always sits and waits at the top for us to count, 1-2-3.  Well, some rambunctious boys that looked to be about 3 or 4, came up behind her and were just about to give her a push.  I jumped over and yelled, "Don't you push her!" and before I could get that last word out.....Daddy ran right up to the boy and got in his face and growled, "You wait your turn!" 

I about died laughing!  Daddy to the rescue!  The boy just looked at him and his partner in crime behind him just said, "Yeah, wait your turn!"  Talk about throwing your buddy under the bus!  Kage was oblivious to anything happening. 

It kind of makes me smile to see my husband become such a protective daddy.  No one will ever hurt his little girl.  And if they out!

1 - 2 - 3!

Blurred because we were on the move!
But I guess I feel the same way....that little girl is our whole world. 

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