Friday, November 18, 2011

Itch, Itch, Scratch, Scratch

I want to buy a house.

There.  I said it. 

I know how much I have ranted and raved about wanting to rent this apartment for two years to save money, pay off debt, pay off student loans, etc., etc. 

But that was beeeeefffffffffoooooorrrrrreeee (in my whiney voice) I got a j.o.b.

Now I have a salary. I can afford a house.

Kind of.

So, why not just go and do it?!  Well, because my teaching contract ends {gulp} in June.  Will it get renewed?  No way to know.  But I have to bank on no, just because of the outlook for teachers in IL.  I fell into this position and the teacher that I am filling in for IS coming back. 

I can't see buying a house until I KNOW that I have a long term job.

Because it's not just about the money, but the location.  I want to know where I will be working before I know where I want to live.  Right?

That's what my brain says.

My heart, says to buy a house.

I am tired of being in this apartment.  We have outgrown it.  Big time.

Kinley wants room to run.  Room to play.  Room to explore.

She needs a fenced in backyard to run and play.

We need a garage.

We need our own places to park (and not share).

We need a home.

We really need a home.

Apartment living is too temporary.  My roots are getting cramped and just want to stretch out.

I find myself searching daily.  And so is my husband.  I think that we are both ready to move on to our real home.  I never want to rush life or wish days away....but at this point...I just can not wait to have our home.

I want to host holidays.  I want to decorate for Christmas.  I want a home.

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