Sunday, March 4, 2012

She's Growing Up...

Kinley woke up on Saturday morning, determined to potty train.  Little did I know that her one ounce of determination was enough to rid our home of diapers...forever.  She's not had a diaper on since Saturday morning.  I wasn't ready.

She's still my baby girl.

I feel like each milestone has snuck up on me and every time, I wasn't ready.  She was.

Days still linger when I long for our days of breastfeeding.  And the days where I see that baby, toothless smile peeking behind her paci.  The days she let me rock her to sleep and hold her tight. 

Now, she plays favorites.  If I'm not her "favorite" of the moment, she tells me, "no, mommy--daddy's turn."  Breaks my heart and makes me proud all in the same moment. 

I want her to be independent, I want her to be confident...but I want her to be my baby girl forever.

She had three accidents on Saturday evening.  Only one accident today.  No diapers, no pull-ups.  Big girl panties only.  She's mastered napping and bedtime in panties and woke dry both days.  I never dreamed that buying that box of diapers last week would be my last.  I think that maybe I would have savored that moment, and maybe even cried right there in Target.

I am so proud of this little girl.  She is such a blessing to our lives.  We marvel at her constantly.  She makes it easy.  She makes it worth it.  She makes life a true miracle and testament to God's work.

My baby is a little girl.

Waiting patiently for her ballet class to begin.

We took her to her first movie this weekend, she lasted 30 minutes.
But loved the popcorn (aka corn corn).

She is our Potty Princess.  So proud of her accomplishment this weekend.
I love her style, her princess attitude, her confidence.

The most beautiful girl in the world. 
I am so lucky and proud to be her mommy!
I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want another baby.  But wanting and having are two different things.  We've not prevented for a while now and it's not happened.  Which only tells me that we'll again have to turn to fertility treatments if we hope to expand our family.  But if that day never comes, I know in my heart that I have perfection and the truest form of love right here, right now.  She completes us.  I hope she realizes the depth of our love for her.

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