Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy me?

I have thrown myself completely into the birthday planning for Kinley's second birthday.  I am full throttle into this barnyard theme.  Oooooh, I am having so much fun!  Knowing that I'm soon going to be bringing in a nice paycheck has allowed us to relax and loosen up on the budget for her party. 

Yeah, full throttle into planning, I tell ya.

I ordered her birthday dress from the same girl that made her tutus for her 9 month pictures and one year pictures.  Remember?

This birthday, we're doing a dress instead of the tutu.  I just feel that it's more appropriate.  Now that she's two, and all.

The designer is also making some of the decorations for us.  If you are in the market for anything custom, I highly recommend her. Highly.  Comment if you want her info.  She is on Etsy (I think).  And when I get pictures of the completed dress,  you know I will share.

We ordered her tableware from because they customize.  Yippee!  Love custom!

Her invites came from Etsy as well as the cupcake toppers.  I am a freak about colored icing so we are doing white cupcakes with a fancy topper.  Non-staining that way! 

I am really trying to fine tune the details now...working on favor boxes and the menu.  So much to do.

In all of the mess of planning a memorable second birthday, I totally forgot....

My birthday is on Monday.  Ooops.  Good thing my hubby is on the ball and reminded me! 

So, I guess happy birthday to me!

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