Friday, November 18, 2011

My life as an expanded file

We have friends that have yet to marry or have children.  It makes us laugh a little when they tell us how busy their lives are...or how they just are so exhausted from responsibility.  We get a kick out of it and think to ourselves:  "just wait....wait until you're married with a child." 

I just sit and wonder how they can possibly feel so overwhelmed with life when it's just them....just their job or school and nothing else? 

And then I remember that there was a time when I was unmarried--without a child--and dropping out of college because life was just too much to handle. 

How easily we forget.

And then I found myself comparing my life to an expanded file.  Follow me on this one....

I'm a visual person, I visualize things to make sense of situations.  And so, I visualized my life as an expanded file in that before marriage, child, school, I thought my life was full.  Over full, most days.  My folder was full.  I didn't know the capacity of life.  I didn't realize that life could expand and grow beyond what we think is our limit.

And then it does.  Then you have a baby to raise.  A husband to work with.  School to finish.  Degrees to earn.  Life to live.  Family to visit.  Family to keep happy.  Rent to pay.  Daycare to interview. 

The folder of life that I once felt was extremely full, expanded.

Where I once thought I couldn't take one more thing....I somehow did.  And I somehow do.

Life is like an expanded file.  It grows and expands more than you ever dreamed it could.

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