Saturday, September 10, 2011


Don't I feel like a slacker!  Thanks to a lovely comment friend, I see that I am featured *insert my Roger Rabbit style happy dance* over at For The Love of Blogs.  Talk about exciting!  Yea, I'm a bit vain.  Whatever.  Who doesn't like some attention every now and then?!

So if you are joining me from FTLOB, welcome!  Feel free to make yourself at home and click on the follow link over there---->  or down below.... either way, I would love to have you as a follower friend.

Enough begging for blog love, right?

I have fallen in love with a new day care.  It is soooooo gorgeous.  And their curriculum is one that even makes picky ole' me swoon.  Having worked in a child care setting for numerous years, and even worked as a center director for a large corporate child care company, I know quality child care curriculum.  I've read their website, talked to them on the phone twice, and this morning we went over and stared in the windows of all of the rooms.  Yes, we looked like burglars.  Well, aside from the fact that burglars don't wear gray yoga pants and bright yellow t-shirts.  And no, my husband wasn't in gray yoga pants or a yellow shirt.  But he wasn't in burglar attire either. 
Why can't they just be open today?!

We are going to tour it this week and hopefully sign on the dotted line and get her enrolled.

The only bad part?  It's $276 a WEEK.  A WEEK!  *gulp*

Catch my breath.

She's worth it.  Their program is worth it. offered to pick up the $76 more than we currently pay at our over-priced sitter.  So really, we aren't out any more money.  Of course we hope to not need mom's help, but glad that it's there if we do need it.  But most of all, I am so thrilled that she's going to be in a top-notch program. 

Can you tell I'm excited?

Aside from all of the other reasons that I talked about the other day, I forgot to mention the worst part...she's picked up on some not-so-nice language.  She tells us to "go away" and she yells "stop" and she screams "no" and once told my husband to "shut up."    Those are all big no-no's in our home.  And they are recent as of two weeks ago.  I can only assume that she's picked them up from one of the other children in her care. 
I'm not naive and thinking that she won't hear them at this new place, I get it that kids say those things...but I'm hoping for better supervision where talk like that isn't tolerated. 

Counting her money from her piggy bank!  Time to make a deposit!


Amanda said...

Congratulations on your feature! I read it and you are an awesome writer!

Raegan is my world said...

Great for the daycare. How exciting for Kinley. I am stunned on how much childcare is a week. Fortunately Raegan goes one day a week at 25 bucks. :)

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