Friday, September 9, 2011

Fertile Mertile?

Yesterday was the curriculum night at school and the PTA ice cream social.  It was fun to meet all of the parents and families but it was a long, loooong day.  I was at the school for about 13 hours yesterday.  Eeks.
I came home and wanted to just melt into bed.  I put K to bed and spent a few minutes on the couch to have a glass of wine with my husband.  I just needed to chill....relax.....come down.

We finally got to bed around 11 and just as I was just drifting off to sleep, I hear, "aren't you fertile today?"

Ummmm, what?

"I think you're fertile this week.  That's what the app says."

True, I do track my cycle on an iPhone app.  And I guess I casually said a few weeks ago that I would be fertile this week. 

Shockingly, my cycle is running at the textbook 28 days since the Mirena removal.  The first time, ever, in my life that I've had a normal cycle.  We're both thrilled to death with the predictability of it.  And now with this app...there is no guess work to it at all. 

So, he remembered that I was fertile this week.  And I double checked my phone.  Sure enough...he was right.

I asked him if he was truly ready for another baby and he thinks he is.....

But I still claim that you're never completely ready.  How can you be?

Cupcake Friday!  She choose a white cupcake with white and pink icing.
In other news, Zales has officially replaced my diamond.  The switching was never admitted but they were quick to get new diamonds in for us to inspect and choose from.... 

We went tonight to look them over and chose a new stone.  I should get my ring back, with the new stone, next week.  I am so thankful to have that behind me.  I'm tired of the back and forth with them.  And!?  I got a new watch battery for free.  Go me.
Dreaming of her first big rock!


Tonya the Hobo Girl said...

Best wishes on the family planning!

Don't know the diamond story and kind of scared to find out. I get paranoid about things and I wonder if this will just freak me out more about my own ring.

Angelia Sims said...

I think I have that app too. Does it have the pink flower on it?? It really is the coolest thing ever. Amazing the technology we have today.

Your daughter is too cute with her cupcake! Cupcake Friday is a great idea.

I am stopping by from FTLOB. Congrats on being featured. :-)

Meredith Resnick said...

I just discovered your blog. I love it! We have quite a lot in common. I am your newest follower.

You can check me out on my blog A Mother Seeking... If you find a spare moment.... :)


Bethany said...

Carder wants to know what cut his future wife would like??? I told him he better start saving now to buy it! lol

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