Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Will Always Remember

I really debated whether or not I would write a blog today.  This day, to me, is a day for reflection and a day for prayer and a day for family.  And that is exactly how I spent today.  Before getting up to face the day, my husband and I spent time together in bed just talking about this day, ten years ago.  We talked about where we were and how we felt and what it meant to each other.  It's not a new conversation but one that we'll probably have every year on this day.

It was my first day in a new position as center director for a child care center.  I was in training and remember there being some upset and rumor going around that something had happened, but we didn't have TV or radio to see what was going on.  It was several hours later that I realized what actually happened.  Parents were flocking to the center to get their children.  Many worked in the city (Chicago) and feared that it could be the next target. 

I admit that I didn't actually grasp what had happened until I got home that night and sat on my couch to watch it replayed over and over and over.

I cried and felt so deeply saddened.  Not just for the victims, but for their families.

And every year on 9/11, I think of the families.

With the ten year anniversary today, the TV has been filled with conspiracy theories that Bush knew it was going to happen and that the Pentagon was an "inside job" and blah, blah, blah.  I admit that I half-way watched a documentary about the doubts surrounding what really happened.

And after watching that, I felt anger!  I was angry with the idea of doubt and I was angry that everything that I felt I knew, could be mistaken and untrue.  I was angry with the thought that this could have been plotted and planned by someone from our home land.

It was then that I realized that I am okay with what I believe.  I'm okay with where I am with this....  and regardless of what documentary that I watch or see, it doesn't change the fact that so many families lost loved ones.  So many children are now without their hero daddies and mommies.  So many heroes lost their lives trying to save someone else.  That was what is honored and remembered. 

9/11 is a day that will never be forgotten.  Those that lost their lives that day will never be forgotten.

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