Thursday, September 15, 2011

We need an intervention

Oh boy, I am weak!

I am so weak!

Our pediatrician told us that we need to drop the paci habit by her second birthday.  Her two year well check is December 6th.  I am feeling the pressure!

I said a while ago that it would be gone by the end of August...and here we are facing the end of September.  And she's still using a pacifier.

In our defense, she doesn't use it at all during the day.  Even naps are sans paci.  It's just bed time.  Which really, is pretty okay.  Right?

So I tried doing the Bye, Bye Binky method of poking holes in her paci.  That did nothing.  The crazy thing won't even collapse!  My husband thinks that it's because she still uses a newborn sized pacifier.  I don't know...but we tested it out after we poked about ten holes in it and nothing happened. 

So we took the scissors to it and snipped the tip.

That did it!  She was devastated. 

In all honesty, if we weren't so freakin' soft and over the moon with this girl...we may have won.  But about 45 minutes into it, I caved.  I ran in with a "good" paci and she went right to sleep.  Ugh.

My husband decided that if she wants to graduate college with her paci that it's alright with him. 

In the petting zoo with the goats

The cows were still her favorite...even in a zoo full of other animals.
In the family center, she made a post card to display at the zoo.

Chilling out with Barney after school.

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Raegan is my world said...

Well if she loves her Paci then she loves her Paci :). Raegan is still nursing....ughhhh that is going to be hard to quit

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