Saturday, March 5, 2011

My heart.

I think that this was the day after we moved in. 

Her room was the first to get "set up" into a workable environment.  It's still no where close to being done.  But it's good enough for right now. 

She was carrying around her BFF, as she always does, and I thought there would be no harm in letting her free roam. 
Twenty minutes later, I had a nice dusting of goldfish throughout our apartment.  And unfortunately, this particular day, my husband had Lucy with him at the townhouse doing last minute touch-ups. 

So, the goldfish remained until Lucy got home and gladly helped with the mess.

I think that Kinley thoroughly enjoys her room.  She definitely knows that it's hers and she loves to play with her toys in her room.  We had the bright idea to keep all of her messy (aka: million pieces) toys in her room so that our living room can look more like a family area and less like a toy box threw up. 

So far, it's working.  Rarely does she bring toys out of her room.  I mean, we kept a few toys in the living room and she'll play in there as well....but the majority of the mess is in her room.  Watching her playing in there makes her look like such a little girl and so far from the tiny baby that I had in my arms a year ago. 

She'll be 15 months next week.  Wow.  Fifteen months.

We're still nursing.  Only once, sometimes twice, a day.  And I can finally say that I'm ready to wean.  I just don't really know how.  I'm going to discuss it with her pediatrician next Saturday at her 15 month appointment.

She's so very girly.  She loves her necklace, she takes out her ponytails and puts the tiny rubber bands around her little fingers like rings.  She wears my scarf around her neck and loves to watch it train behind her.  She loves to play with my bottles of nail polish.  A princess.  A perfect little princess.  I can see her spending lots of time dressing up and wanting to try on make-up.  She is everything I ever wanted in a little girl--and more.
I put her on the scale yesterday, just to see if she had gained anything since her sick visit a few weeks ago.  Still holding strong at 19 pounds!  We'll see how close our scale is to the Dr.  She's so petite!  She has such tiny features but such a robust personality.  Can you tell that I'm in love?
She has surpassed walking and is now running down the hall and through the house.  Lucy doesn't stand a chance anymore. 

She is smart!  I asked her yesterday if she needed her diaper changed-she lifted her shirt, looked at her pants and walked to her room and sat on the floor by her wipes.  I couldn't believe it!  When she follows me to the bathroom, she sits on her little potty next to the big potty so that she can be like mommy.  Or at least that is what I tell myself.
My days fly by because they are filled with a curious tiny toddler that wants to discover all there is to know in this world.  But I wouldn't change it for anything.  She is my everything and I love her more than I ever knew possible.

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