Friday, March 4, 2011

A break from homework

I have been working my tail feathers off today. 

Yesterday, I taught my first math lesson to a group of kindergarten students.  I was so super nervous because of the four classmates that had already taught their first math, three didn't do as well as they had hoped.  You have to get at least a 75 or you don't pass the lesson.  So a lot of pressure, indeed.

I know that the prof is uber critical but I like to think of myself as up for the challenge.  So, I prepared and prepared and prepared some more.  And, just as I had hoped, my prof said, "That was a great lesson!"  Yippee!

I've not yet gotten my official grade for it yet, but I'll bet I got over the 75 hump that has been getting my classmates.

Today, I've been buried in a lesson plan on George Washington.  Talk about a tough topic for kindergarten!  I mean, how do you teach a kindergarten student about Washington and then even worse, how do you assess what they've learned after the lesson?  I managed to create a lesson, but we'll see what my social studies methods prof thinks of it after she reviews it.

I've been in such a funk lately.  Which is partly why I've not been around much.  Things are great at home, so I'm not sure what my problem is.  I guess I'm just ready for spring to get here.  I'll blame it on that anyway.  Hope that everyone is happy and healthy out here in blog world!

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