Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's the Age? I hope....

I am so excited to be a mommy to a little girl.  Long hair, pink clothes, princesses, dresses, hair bows, dress-up, nails done, hair appointments, ballet....all of those fun girlie things that little girls bring to your life.

Since starting at this new pre-school, Kinley had really taken to these two {rowdy} boys in her class.  Okay, so every boy seems rowdy to me.  She just adores Danny and Nicolas.  She thinks they are the coolest.

So, I guess I can thank them for my little girl's love for talking about chicken poop.

Everything is chicken poop.

Kinley, what do you want for dinner?  Chicken Poop.

What do you want to wear today?  Chicken Poop.

What did you say?  Chicken Poop.

Want to take a bath?  In Chicken Poop?

What do you want to play?  In Chicken Poop.

And to make things even more fun....

We have a new phrase that she's brought into the house.  What does she want to eat?  Chicken Poop and Pee Sauce.

Three year olds are so fun!

I will continue dressing her girlie for as long as she lets me!  :)

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