Monday, April 15, 2013

Wrap It Up

My last day of spring break was the warm break that I longed for.  We had temps in the 70s and the sun finally came out for more than an hour.  The day was screaming ZOO! 

Kage was very excited and actually wanted to see all of the exhibits.  Last year, she wanted to see one or two and that was the extent of it.  Granted, she only wanted to see each animal for about 2 minutes before moving on...but it's progress.

We spent the majority of the day there and the weather just got better as the day went on.  It was a good day. 

When we got home, we spent time outside.  I decided to look through some of our boxes in the garage.  We never fully unpacked when we moved into this house.  It's still too temporary for me.  But it was a little bit like Christmas to see some of our stuff that I haven't seen in six or so months.  Kin rode her bike, her car, her other bike...the child has an abundance of outside toys.  You'd think we spent more time out than we do.  But no, she's just an only child and hasn't a need in this world.

Our weekend wrapped up with a nice grilled steak dinner and "marsh-pillows" on our backyard fire pit.  So relaxing!

Just before it was time to put Kage to bed, I decided to just buck up and get the running shoes on.  Despite being totally freaked out by our neighborhood, I ran.  I didn't make it too far....but I feel that I broke through that first time.  And maybe the second time won't be so hard.  And the third....

Happy Monday to you!  I will be blessed to corral 26 5th graders on the first day back from Spring Break!  Good times!

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