Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Photo Dump

Kinley crashed in our room last night at about....ohhhhhh, one a.m.!?  Nice.  So she's asleep behind me and I'm ever so quietly clicking on this keyboard praying not to wake her.  So instead of rambling on about who knows what....

I'll leave you with a photo dump.  Enjoy.  It's my very first picmonkey collage!  {Thanks to Amanda  at My Show for sharing the idea!}

1.  Kin and Luc waiting for daddy to get home.
2.  Is she 2 or 22?
3.  Going camping!  And yes, I put a white cloth down under Luc to avoid the massive amounts of dog hair that she'd leave behind in my car.  It failed.  {and we aren't in a self driven car...Richie was inside Walgreens because we forgot bottled water}
4.  Her first campfire.
5.  This reminds me that she is still 2.  Falling asleep while reading her book.  So precious.
6.  Lucy is a dork.
7.  Our first family tent.  So cozy!

Happy Thursday, ya'll!

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