Friday, July 20, 2012

Back On the Acronym Wagon

*A TMI post about fertility, continue if you dare...*
Our lives as we know it, will change for the next 2-3 weeks.  It's our first cycle with the Clomid and we have entered into the fertile time.  Yes, that means scheduled sex, and lots and lots of prayer.  My doctor has me on 100 mg, which is a pretty decent dosage.  I am taking it cycle days 7-11.  The side effects were anticipated and okay to deal with.  The headaches are what got me the worst....and that was primarily because of a certain two year old that doesn't get it.

I spent some time yesterday searching for blogs about infertility or something to read to feel connected or something...  You know, sometimes you just want to go through it with someone.  And I found nothing.  I had been on message board back during my pregnancy with Kinley and that was wonderful.  So I reached out to the old message boards again and really didn't find what I was looking for.  So I looked at the fertility app on my phone that I'm using and sure enough, there are message boards.  Don't you love technology?

I found one titled "Infertility" and have been corresponding generic info back and forth with one girl who is in a pretty similar situation.  It feels good to have someone else there to bounce things off of....  It's all about AF, BD, OPK, BFP, IVF,'s been quite some time since I've been speaking in acronym.  But it's like riding a bike.

So far, we've only gone so far as using the OBGYN that I found up here.  Like I've blogged before, we are not interested in doing IVF or IUI even.  If Clomid doesn't work, then we'll count our blessings with one and be thrilled.  Financially, we can't go deeper with treatment.  As it is, our insurance isn't so ideal for infertility coverage.  So paying out of pocket for everything is not easy.  We're lucky to have had a stash in the "Medical" column on our savings spreadsheet.  But that stash is no where big enough to cover a/an Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE).

I'm okay with that, really.  But I get the feeling that my doctor wants me to go straight to the RE--like now.  When he called me Tuesday, he had asked if I had set up an appointment with the specialist.  He actually had the doctor call me---but I didn't answer.  When I told him that I didn't have an appointment with the RE, he seemed mad.  I reminded him that Clomid was our limit and we wanted to stay with him for the six rounds.  He said okay, but he'd really rather have the RE on board with the treatment plan.

It's almost as if he's already discounting the Clomid as a failed option.  I just don't get it. Why did he offer to work with me at all on this if he didn't want to?  He prescribed the Clomid for days 7-11 and told me to come in for a day 23 progesterone check.  That's it.  Doctor's orders.

I guess I just wish that he had been a little more detailed with his instructions.  When is the  prime time to have sex during the cycle?  After the Clomid is finished?  Should I follow a 28 day cycle map?  Is sex every day too often?  Should it be every other day?  I just had so many more questions that didn't get answered.  I know that he is probably thinking that since I'm no rookie to Clomid, that I should just know these things...but it's been almost three years since I've been on this train. And I had a child since then.  My memory isn't what it used to be!

Luckily, the message board will be able to fill in the gap to my unanswered questions....and usually, the first hand experience answers are better and more accurate than the doctor's suggestions.

Do me a favor, if you know of any bloggers that discuss infertility, comment with their link.  I'd love to find someone else out there going through the same song and dance.


Amanda said...

Are you tracking your basal body temp? It worked well for us (thus Fynn)and I used the Fertility Friend app to track it. The app tells you your most fertile days, when to have sex and when you should test. It makes it all MUCH easier to figure out. Good luck!!!!

Barbara said...

Do you have the address for Proboards? PM me if you want the info. You'd have a lot of support and some company over there in our TTC section. It's only for the Jan 2010 mamas and it's totally private :)

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