Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pictures Do the Talking

1.  Kinley has decided that she's ready for a "ride-a-cycle", and surprisingly, she can reach the pedals!
2.  Loving my baby girl!
3.  With her Uncle Paul after his bike rice.
4.  Checking out a fire truck.  We saw the firemen out washing it and asked if she could check it out.  They were more than happy to let her sit in it and put on a helmet!
5.  Sitting on daddy's shoulders--she was saying, "mommy, I a monkey!"
6.  She loves her Trunki.  She looks like a homeless person singing for a dollar.
7.  I love when she lets me do her hair.
8.  Got her all situated for breakfast yesterday morning.  And her Monsters, Inc dolls came in.  They don't leave her side.
9.  Monsters, Inc in the car.
10.  I feel like the odd man out having a car and not a minivan.  I'm so not ready for a minivan.
11.  Mikey on the train at the farm.
12.  In the pioneer cabin at the farm, Mikey again.
14.  Mikey on the carousel.
15.  My husband melts my heart.
16.  She's thinking that she's something else.  A phone in each pocket!
17.   Her first fat lip.  "Slide do it!"

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