Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So What!

This week, I'm saying "So What!" with Shannon at Life After I Dew...

So What if...

  • I hate my dog right now for getting me up way too early, and now she's snoring.  in my bed.
  • We almost bought a damned bird last night.  Thank God the voice of reason spoke louder than Kinley's, "I want a green one!"
  • Yesterday was the first time that I actually blow dried and ironed my hair--all summer.
  • I threw a monster toddler style tantrum last night because I had to go out at 10:30 for dog food.  See the first bullet.  
  • My husband is interviewing for a position today that I so badly want him to get.  Okay, so this isn't so much of a so-what....but wanted to put it out there anyway.
  • I have family coming in this weekend, and my house is totally trashed.
  • I was in such a mommy meltdown mood yesterday, I said to screw the budget and ordered pizza.  Some days, mommy just needs a break{down}.
  • Yesterday was my sister's birthday, and I mailed her card yesterday.  I have to get better about this!  I mean, luckily I was motivated enough to get the card...but for some reason I can't manage to actually mail it on time.  
  • Yesterday, I seriously questioned this whole baby #2 thing.  Kinley was an absolute nightmare.  


jinnie said...

Ah, I wish I had that voice of reason before I bought those 2 birds! Eeks! And you will probably question having baby #2 until you are holding your dear little baby #2. :) It happens to all of us! Ok, well, it happened to ME.

Leah said...

Awww you could have had a bird! LOL that's so cute. probably good call on not getting one. And yeah, sometimes a girl just needs to have pizza to make it all better. GL to your hubs today! Crossing my fingers for him.

jlynn30 said...

I totally get the pizza ordering! I have those days all the time! LOL

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