Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So What...

This week, I am joining up with Shannon at Life After I Dew for another edition of 
So What! Wednesday....

So What if...

  • I am completely excited about the new vacuum that I just ordered.  Ours pooped out a couple of weeks ago (I know, so embarrassing that it's been that long) and before we read it's final rights, it barely sucked at all.  So yeah, our carpets....not good.  
  • But more importantly, I am excited because I was able to get it for $88 shipped.  Yes.  I'm proud.
  • I am letting the TV babysit my child right now so that I can blog my So What!.  Super Why is on, and it's one with the dog....why can't they all have the dog?  You know what I'm talking about?
  • Kinley watched a movie (Monsters, Inc) in its entirety for the first time last week.  And, we were kind of celebrating a little.  Mainly because she now has an attention span a little better than a gnat.  And it's time that we don't have to think of things to entertain her and answer "why?" a bajillion times.  Yes, bad parents, letting her watch TV.  Whatever.
  • We bought her Sully, Mikey and Boo plush animals because she loves that movie so much.  Initially, we said they were for Christmas.  Yeah right.  She'll get them the day they arrive.  Who are we kidding?
  • I happy danced about our savings account after last week's check.  My husband is working his tail off (thank you, baby!) and it's paying off.  I'm starting to not be such a freak about my checks ending next month.
  • This yard sale that I'm joining with my friend, ummmm, has taken over my living room---and free time.  I am going Dave Ramsey on our stuff.  Get rid of it!  In turn, I have some nice stuff going for super cheap.  Thought about doing a blog sale for some of it....but I am really lazy and hate dealing with shipping.
  • I feel rock star-ish because I called the leasing office and threw a fit about our rent going up (twice in a year and a half!) and got it dropped back's still ridiculous at $1075...but better than $1090!
  • I am exploring career options outside of teaching....and getting excited about the thought of some of them.
  • I guess I'm blowing off story time in the park today...kind of lost track of time.  Oops.

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Brandy said...

My little girl is only 3 and has almost EVERY disney movie memorized.

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