Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So What!

It has been about forever and a day since I have linked up with Shannon, at Life After I Dew, for a So What Wednesday...but here we go....

This week, I'm saying So What if...
  • I have a plethora of McDonald's toys in my backseat.  My girl loves "chicky donalds" and I'm a bad mom for taking her too often.
  • I have not put on "real" make-up since school ended in June.  I do throw on some mascara every now and then.
  • I tell Kinley that there is "a man" in every store that watches for children acting naughty.  He is the "spankings man" and all we have to do is tell him that she's being naughty.  Yep, straight to hell.
  • I totally overspent on the clothing category this month.  I went to Target.  Enough said.
  • Lucy has overspent on her "pet care" category as well....$423 this month.  WTH?!  Vaccinations, boarding and then got sick at the boarders.  Ridiculous.  But we paid in cash and still got to eat!  Thank you Dave Ramsey!
  • Speaking of Dave Ramsey....we are addicted to his shows!  His app is free and filled with his show recordings.
  • Kinley needs constant entertaining.  She refuses to play in her room or on her own.  Is that normal?
  • I enjoy Kinley's ballet class more than she does.  Well, almost as much.  I love the moms that I get to visit with while she's in class! 
  • I beamed with pride when Kage took her reading log into the library yesterday.  She colored in all of the spaces herself and earned her reward.  She was so proud!
  • I slacked on all of the "educational" things that I wanted to do with her this summer.  


momFITtingitallin said...

YEah for CASH.

As for the playing by themselves. OUr older son - he can be doing something by himself for hours - just recently the girl(age3) can go in her room for a while.

So I would say yes normal!

Leah said...

chicky donalds - melt my heart!!!
and target is pure trickery- you feel like you're getting such a deal, a $12 shirt, YES! But somehow always end up walking out and dropping $100 bucks. it's crazy how that happens.
And I admit I'm slacking in the summer educational department too. I had big plans of journaling and reading and very little of either is happening.

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