Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinning Fool

Are you a pinterest'er?  It took me a while to get on board with the whole thing.  Kind of like Twitter....even though I'm still not a consistent Tweeter.  I have a hard time latching on to the newest and greatest, maybe it's my age.  But pinterest is something that took me a while to catch on to but now, I love it.

I've really noticed a change in it lately.  I remember the first time I browsed the site.  I remember it being full of "oh my gosh, why didn't I think of that!?" types of things.  Little tips and tricks to make life easier.  For example, the bathroom faucet extender.  Genius.  We use it daily for washing little hands--because of the "I wanna do it!" attitude.  Now she can "do it!"

Recently, I'm noticing a whole lot of, "wow, now that is cool.  But I so could never pull that off." kinds of things.  And it's sad because I'm really getting the itch to start crafting.  And sometimes, I fool myself into thinking that I actually could make some of the pins that I see...but know that it will turn out looking like a kindergarten art project.

Being all "I wanna house and I want it now!" lately makes me want to start a 'hope chest' of sorts.  Did you have a hope chest growing up?  They're a trunk, usually made of cedar. I had one....but it was pretty hopeless.  There really was nothing in it.  And now it sits somewhere (maybe my garage?) empty.  I have so many crafty pins that I want to make for the day that we actually do buy and move.  Cool things to put in our home.

I went to a yard sale over the weekend and it was literally a pinterest pin graveyard.  This lady must have tried every pin she could find.  And then tried to sell them in her sale.  And she was proud of her work!  I couldn't help but laugh to myself when I saw some of her stuff marked at like $20.  I mean, come on lady.  I see that it's a 2x4 with scrapbook paper cut into petals.  I'm not paying you $20 for that.

I think that pinterest has created a mindset that we are all artists in our own rights.  In a way, that's pretty cool. But in another, it's so deceiving.  I have hundreds of pins full of big plans.  But let's face it, if pinterest ever dies.  Those pins die with it.  I am a mad pinner, but a sad do'er.  Aside from recipes, I really don't do any of it.  yet.

But these are on dock:

I think I can, I think I can.  Stay tuned for the results of this hot mess.

The last one, is first up.  And since it's a printable, I am pretty sure I can handle it.  But we shall see.

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