Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kinley Says...

Lately, the things that come out of our girl's mouth, just crack me up!  Everyday, there seems to be something new...and I wish I could write them all down.  But life is happening and I can't always write things down.  But here are a few that are fresh in mind that I wanted to share...

Remember how I mentioned "the man" in my So What! post this week?  Well, if not, let me fill you in.  You see, Kinley is a challenging child.  Especially in public.  So to combat this bad challenging behavior, I have come up with this lie story that there is a man, that sits in the back of every store, that gives spankings to little kids that don't behave.  I know, I'm horrible.  But there was a desperate moment in Aldi one day that had my child running and throwing produce.  I was desperate, okay.  Don't judge.  But telling her about "the man" had her holding the side of the cart for the remainder of the trip.  So there.

So yeah, "the man" is in every store.  She asks about him all the time.  "Is the man here?  Where is the man?  What's the man doing?"

We went to the dance store last week.  Kinley was being horrible!  Running through the store, running through the racks, kicking off her shoes....yeah.  Luckily it was only us and a friend of ours in the store.  Otherwise, I would have walked out in embarrassment.  I told her that the man was in the back.  Near the fitting rooms, there was a door to the store room open.  "The man is back there, do I need to go and get him!?"  She straightened right up!  For the most part.  So this trip ran right through nap time.  She was over due.  On the way home, she was hysterical.  First, she was crying for her boogey shop (shopping cart).  We had passed a grocery store and she saw the carts outside.  She wanted to get in one.  So she's freaking out for the boogey shop. And yes, I recorded it.

THEN, as if that fit wasn't enough....she starts crying for the man.  She is crying hysterically that she "needs her man! I need my man!  I want my man to hold me!"  Ummmmm, yeah.  Fabulous.

Another day, I was getting ready to shower and told her to stay in my bed with Lucy to watch Super Why.  She asked where I was going and I told her to take a shower.  She asked why...of course, she always asks why.  I told her that I was dirty.  She then responds, "have you been playing on a farm?!"  Yes, that's exactly it.

When she sings the song, "there were two in the bed and the little one said, roll over, roll over, so they all rolled over and one fell off....." (stop me).  She sings, "and the little one said, roll ova-bah, roll ova-bah".  Yes, I love it.  And suggest that song to her a million times a day just to hear her sing it.

She is very much in to the whole "who is who and what is what" right now.  Defining genders and roles is really big in her world.  So every day, several times a day, we are clarifying her questions. It goes something like this:
Kinley:  "Daddy, you're a boy?"
Richie:  "Yes, daddy is a boy."
Kinley:  "I'm a boy, too, same."
Richie:  "No, you are a girl.  A little girl."
Kinley:  "And Daddy's a little guul too?"
Richie:  "No, Daddy is a boy and you are a girl."
Kinley:  "Daddy's a boy?"
Richie:  "Yes, Daddy is a boy."
Kinley:  "Oh."
Kinley:  "I a boy too, same."
Richie:  deep sigh.

Hot mess!  A cell phone in each pocket.  She
thinks she's something else.
It's really sad how easily you forget the cute things that they say...just this morning on our way home from story time in the park, she said something that was just so cute.  And I told myself to remember it for later.  Guess what?!  It's gone.  I have no clue what it was.  How often does that happen?  Daily?  Makes me want to bring a notepad and paper everywhere that I go just to keep record of all of those sweet words that come out of her mouth!

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