Monday, July 2, 2012

Psycho Wife Makes a Return

I started my fertility meds routine-yesterday-and I am already about to cry mercy.  A few hours after I took my first pill, I felt a bad headache and nausea.  I honestly didn't put two and two together until after the fact.  We were in the car driving home, so I took a cat nap to feel better.  It worked, for the most part.  My husband commented that maybe my salad at lunch didn't agree with me and I figured he was right.  Then I looked down and saw my prescription bottle in the cubby hole of the car door and thought---ooooh yeah.  I took one of those bad boys today.

I remember-vaguely-the mood swings and not so fun side effects but it's hard to really remember until you are right back in it again and experiencing them again.

Last night my husband told me to go and lay down and finish reading my book 3 (Fifty Shades) and he would put Kage down for bed.  I know!  Talk about my hero!  He knew that I was having a rough time and just wanted to disappear into my book.

He passed out in KG's room (as always) and didn't come to bed until after 11.  I had just finished reading book 3 and was sprawled out across our bed sideways.  I was whining to him about how lucky he is that all that he has to do is have sex.  He doesn't have to take meds, he doesn't have side effects to deal with....he just has to have sex.  It's not fair!  {I'm not kidding, I was throwing that tantrum at 11:00 last night.}

This morning comes and here I sit typing up my blog and brewing my one cup of coffee when KG wakes up.  An hour earlier than expected.  That totally throws my day into a tail-spin.  I was crabby, she was crabby.  It was not a pretty picture.

And then, stupid me, logs in to our online banking to touch base with my psychotic budgeting self.  Come to find out, my student loan payment hit twice!  Yes, that is over $300 extra out of our account that I had not budgeted for.  I calmed myself down and quickly dialed the number to the student loan people.  They would not work with me! Claimed that it takes 4-6 weeks for a refund and that they were "sorry."

Now, luckily, we have our super duper savings account and spreadsheet going and we had over 3K in our debt pay-off column.  I was able to transfer money to cover the goof, but that money is reserved for debt pay-off!  Not student loan payment goofs!  I was livid.

I screamed at the man on the phone, demanded his supervisor, screamed at him, and hung up on him.  The whole time that this was going on, KG was throwing a screaming fit because she wanted to leave the sliding doors to the patio wide open {mind you it's already in the 90s and the AC is running} while she's playing outside.  Her and I are going back and forth with opening and closing the glass door.

After hanging up on the supervisor, I put KG into her room and shut the door.  She needed to have her melt down and I needed mine.

I dialed my husband's number and would you believe that he didn't answer!?  How dare he!  :)  I dialed him right back and the flood gates broke.  I was sobbing, hysterically, into the phone and begging him to come home and help me deal.  With life.  With our screaming child.  With the student loan people that double processed a payment.  With me.

I guess he doesn't just have to have sex in this whole process.  He has to deal with a psychotic wife.  Maybe I do have the better end of the deal?!

And to think that this part of the medication process isn't even the worst of it!

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