Thursday, June 28, 2012

Anniversary On a Budget

If you've read the previous post from this morning, you know that today we celebrate our four year anniversary.  Four years doesn't seem long enough to have experienced all that we've done together!  I actually had to recount the years to be sure that it was only four!

I typed up that post as my digital card to my husband.  I guess we're non-sentimental this year because we both agreed that a card wasn't necessary and that we'd just celebrate our day over the weekend.  Pretty romantic, huh!?

We have "big" plans this weekend and we're pretty excited about it!  We're both kind of history buffs and really enjoy exploring.  There is a place in central Illinois that I visited as a sixth grader and that was the one and only time that I visited.  Since then, I think about it often and remember how much I enjoyed it and how fascinated I was by the story--the unsolved mystery.  So, we'll be visiting Cahokia Mounds this weekend as our "getaway" on a budget.

My mom is keeping Kage and Lucy will be going to day care.

Last night we took Lucy to make her vaccinations current {$170 worth!} and get her "day care ready" with a clean bill of health from the vet.  After having a two-year-old and a dog in one tiny office, I think that we can say that we got a small taste of what two children would be like.  It was not easy!

We budgeted four hundred dollars to blow on ourselves for this trip and to us, that seems like plenty to have a good time!  Gas, hotel, dinner out, maybe a glass of wine or two....  Free childcare and the doggie day care will only run about $ this is a much more affordable vacation than say......a tropical destination.  Don't get me wrong, a beautiful white sand beach would be amazing right now, but it's just not happening.  Maybe next year.

We're leaving Friday night when Richie gets home from work and will drive to my mom's to stay the night.  Saturday morning, it's up early and on the road!  I am not too good at leaving Kinley, and we've only done it one other time....but I know that I need to nurture my alone time with my husband as well.

It will be a welcomed break to get us away from the ordinary, even if it is only one night.

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