Thursday, June 28, 2012

Four Years

Four years ago today, he made me his wife.
Four years ago today, we began the life that we dreamed of sharing.
Four years ago today, we vowed to stick through the bad times and the good.
Four years ago today, we watched our wedding dreams unfold.
Four years ago today, we made promises that we'll forever keep.
Four years ago today, we sat in our wedding clothes--in recliners at a hotel--eating Big Macs--laughing and talking about our wedding day.

Happy Four Years, babe.  It's been a wonderful journey and it's just getting started!

So much has changed in four short years.  We sure do live a blessed life!  Although times are tough and sometimes it seems we have to fight harder than others, it's all worth it.  Every last minute, is worth it.  I am so honored and proud to have you as my husband and best friend.  There is no one else that I want by my side through this crazy life!

And, P.S.  We make cute babies!

Happy anniversary. 

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Anonymous said...

Love reading your blogs! Happy Anniversary to the both of you!

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