Friday, June 22, 2012

What Is Old, Anyway?

Last night was so rough.  Kage started running a strange fever on Wednesday.  It would come and go with no rhyme or reason.  No other symptoms, just a fever.  And then yesterday, it stayed pretty constant in the 101-102 range.  She refused all medicine that I tried to give her...until about 7:00 last night.  After her meds, she felt great!  We took her for a long walk to house dream, she played at the park, took her bath and enjoyed a "spackle" {or as you would call it, a popsicle.}  She was great.

Until about 3 a.m.  Ugh.  I know that my husband was up with her twice, then she was in our bed, then I was rocking her, then I was sleeping {trying to} on the couch with her and finally on her bedroom floor is where my husband found me when he left for work.  It was not fun.  She did take more Motrin sometime in the middle of the night, so she is resting now.  I just hope it lasts longer than 7 a.m.  I am exhausted.  I need my blog time and coffee time to even attempt to feel human today.

Oh, the porch!  And the arched entryway!  Love.
We always walk in the same route and wander the adjacent subdivision to our apartment community.  It's a beautiful, quaint little subdivision and we dream about someday living in a place like that.  The homes in this area are in the mid to upper 300K range but the taxes are about 13K a year.  OUCH.  So yeah, dreaming is as far as it gets in this town!  There is a house that I have just fallen head over heels over, and last night I finally got the courage to stop and snap a picture.  The owners are almost always outside, and how awkward would that be to get caught taking pictures of their home?!  Yeah.

Oh yes, and I had my doctor appointment yesterday.  Ahhhhhh.  Let me start by saying that I love this doctor.  He is wonderful and restores my faith in good OBGYNs in this area.  So that is a plus.

But, his advice is to go straight to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE).  Why?  My age.  Yes, ladies {and gents?}  I am old.  I will be 34 in November and he really thinks that I should do everything in my power to get pregnant before 34.  He claims that its the magic age when things start to get complicated.  Complicated is not what I want.  No siree.

Seeing an RE is very expensive, and my school insurance {very good insurance/my hubby's insurance=not so good} expires on August 19.  That really doesn't give us much time to get many things done before our insurance bombs.  I would prefer to stay with him for at least six rounds of Clomid, like I did before.  He set a plan in place so that if I continue to work with him through this journey, but also had an RE call me to schedule a consult.

The plan {if I stay with him} would be to do Provera {period inducer} on June 30 if I don't start my period and IF I get a negative pregnancy test.  On day 3 of my cycle, I am to have blood work done to check {something--see my attention span must have flaked on me here} levels of estrogen and egg something or other.  From that point, he will be able to tell if it is a cycle that I can get pregnant on......  man, that doesn't sound right.  I sure wish I had asked more questions.  But I am guessing that after that day 3 blood draw, that Clomid will start on days 5-9.  And he's starting with the maximum dosing of Clomid as well, which is what I wanted because my body did not react to it any other way.

This plan is really what I went in hoping to hear.  If I do go to the RE, I will most likely end up on the path to IVF.  Which is all of financial/emotionally/physically draining.   That's not how I want this to go.

But he also burst my bubble by telling me that in no way was Kinley a Clomid baby.  I was on Clomid from July 2008 through February 2009.  Kinley was conceived in March 2009.  He says that Clomid would have been out of my system by then.  He calls her a miraculous conception.


Here we go with miracles.  And you know how often miracles happen.

I mean, we knew that she was pretty darned special already, miracle or not.  But we gave her an extra fifty hugs and kisses last night after being reminded how miraculous she truly is.

After a long talk, we decided that we would stay with my doctor and not see the RE.  We will give things until November and if we are not successful, we'll still be just as blessed with our one miracle baby and count our blessings as a family of three.

Even miracles have tantrums in parking lots.

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Amanda said...

That's good though that Kinley is a miracle baby, it means your body can do this... it probably just needs a kick start from the Clomid. Good luck, I hope it works and you get your second miracle!

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