Thursday, June 21, 2012

Momma Called the Doctor and the Doctor Said....

Running a sporadic fever.  :(
So if you have "liked" Living On Trees on Facebook, you will know that I made the appointment.  I am actually not going to the doctor that I saw last time, as his next available appointment was July 31, and let's face it, I would have changed my mind four times between now and then.  And, I wasn't too fond of him anyway.  So I'm seeing a new {male} doctor and hoping that he's fantastic.  I am slightly excited.

The kind office lady answering the phone informed me that my Mirena IUD was removed on July 21, 2011. So that's almost one whole year of unprotected....ummmm, marital acts.....and no pregnancy.  I think it's time to take things to the next level, no?

I am happy to have finally made a decision.  That was the hardest part, I think.  But now what stinks is that before we can actually start the Clomid, I have to have a period.  And that is the difficult part.  And after some quick research on my fertility tracking app, I found that my cycles range from 28 days to 99 days.  So predicting when I will be able to start a new cycle with the Clomid is any one's guess.  So that really stinks.  I want to have my appointment and get started right now.  Not going to happen.

I actually told my mom last night that I was going in to start Clomid again and she wasn't mad.  I really thought she would be.  She'd remind me of all of the reasons {that we are well aware of} why we shouldn't be having another and tell me what a mistake it was....but she didn't.  She calmly said that now was as good a time as any and if we were going to have more, we should do it now before Kage gets any older.  Wow!  Something we actually agree on!

So, it's official.  We are taking the next step to expand our family.

I used to blog {I use that lightly, as I rarely posted and didn't keep it up, and I don't think anyone actually read it} about our infertility journey and right now, I am so glad that I did because now I have something to go back and look at to refresh my memory about what we went through before.  So if you're so inclined, I can post a link to that for you to take a look-see.

And on a completely unrelated note, I am in celebration mode.  Our savings hit the 4K mark today!  I know that isn't a lot of money to most of you, but for us, having started at a big fat 0 in February and in June are at 4K....that is huge!  So we're going to be celebrating a few things in our home tonight.  Go us!

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Amanda said...

Congrats on your choice! I am so happy for you. Good luck on this, I've been there, so I know how you feel about waiting for a period and starting the meds. I wish I had been brave enough to blog about it when it happened! Keep us updated!!!

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