Monday, June 25, 2012

Run, Run, Run

I woke up this morning feeling like I had the worst hangover, ever.  And I'm probably do.  But not from alcohol.  Just from the weekend.  We were so busy, all weekend long.  But it was a good busy.  For the most part.  And my house and kitchen are trashed because of it.

A few weeks ago at our local zoo, we signed up for a vacation presentation=timeshare harassment.  After going to Vegas before we were married, we became familiar with these shenanigans and decided that the free stuff far outweigh the 90 minutes of badgering that you have to endure.  Having been through this before in Vegas, we knew what to expect and went in just buying time till they were finished.  We survived and came out with two vacations for free.

We will be taking Kage to the Wisconsin Dells for free (minus the gas to get there) and then Richie and I will be going to Orlando for two nights/three days (sans Kinley).  Yeah, that second one scares the bejeezes out of me.  I've never left her for more than one night and I'm not so sure that I am ready.  But hey, what better way to find out?  It's only 2 nights away.

Yesterday, we celebrated our town's annual festival and went to the two hour long parade and then to the rides after.  It was so stinkin' hot!  And we walked from our apartment, since it's only a ten minute walk.  OMG.  I thought I would have a heat stroke.  Kinley was without nap and just over it by the time we left.  She cried the whole way back and the only way to calm her was to hold her.  Yeah, so in 94 degree heat, I had to carry a 2 1/2 year old home.  Thank God she's a lightweight!

All weekend she has just been a real bear, and we have no clue why.  She is being mean, hateful, sassy....the works.  She isn't sleeping well, she hasn't napped well.  We have been at a loss.  The dentist confirmed that she is done with teeth for a long while, so we know that we can't blame that anymore.  But something is up.  It's my goal this week to get a handle on whatever it is because we all aren't going to survive this unless I do. Her behavior is driving a wedge between my husband and I because when we are struggling to get her in line, we argue at each other about parenting styles.  It's not the prettiest of situations.

It's not like we are "fighting" because once you take her behavior out of the situation, we are fine, it's just so super stressful.

If any of you have advice for me, on suddenly changing behaviors with a two-year-old, please share.  She went from our normal, happy-go-lucky , {sometimes crazy crabby} girl to an OMG she's hitting me and screaming for no reason, girl.  Lord help me.

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Amanda said...

Terrible 2's? Or perhaps just the change from being at daycare everyday to being home.

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