Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bed of Thorns

Day two of operation "me time" and I selfishly spent two hours watching a movie that I have had waiting since March.

On Valentine's day, or there abouts, I was driving to work listening to the radio when the DJ guy asked callers about their favorite Valentine's day movie.  Normally, I am too preoccupied with my own thoughts to pay much attention, but this day, I was keyed in.  A caller voted for the movie "Bed of Roses" as the most romantic movie.

It seriously made me want to slam on my breaks and gasp.  That movie was my most favorite ever....about eight years ago.  Somehow, it died in my memory about six years ago.  I honestly forgot that it even existed.  It almost felt like I heard an ex-boyfriend's name after ten years of non-existence.

I immediately grabbed my phone and emailed my step-dad to see if he could get it for me from Netflix.  I had to have it.  Fast forward three weeks and here it is in my hot hands.

But what mom has time for a movie?  Or a movie that doesn't have a dancing purple "dinofour" or one that doesn't have Pixar ties?!  Not this girl.

Today, I decided to take two hours to selfishly spend on my movie.  I did fold clothes, so it wasn't completely selfish.  I am pretty sure that I didn't breathe through most of the movie.  I loved it as much today as I used to a decade ago.  Totally gave me my fix.

But it also left me with that pity party feeling.  I mean, gosh, that guy is so freakin' perfect.  He is the poster character for romance....and if I could just have one ounce of that romance feeling, for one second....  I know that it's not real and he's totally not Lewis, the most perfect man ever,...but you can't tell my mind that while I'm in the moment of the movie.

Am I the only girl that feels that way after watching a chick flick?  Cause it sucks.  You are floating on this romance high for two full hours...only to be dropped on your face with the rolling of the credits.  This is just not fair.

Poor Richie will surely catch the brunt of this one.  I am going to be all sour and "poor me" until I come off of the romance high that the movie put me on.  Ahhhhhhh.  I think that he owes me a date that doesn't include a child's menu.

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Bethany said...

I completely agree about that feeling!! Please tell Richie that he needs to talk to Chet about the same idea of a date with no kids menus!!!

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