Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Baby Ballerina

I use the term "ballerina" very loosely, as it is far from what she performed today.  Ugh.

I had the crying one.

The one that wouldn't unlatch from my leg.

The one that made her mom come into the class with her.

The one that sat on her mommy's lap for most of the class.


Why is she so rotten? 

Oo,ohh, oooo!  I know!

Because I made her that way.

Have I mentioned that we see a parenting coach?!  Did I blog that yet?  I can't remember.

So today was her first ballet class.  And while her father caused more of a scene than I think she did (because he was embarrassed of her behavior--and he's yet to figure out that a two-year-old's tantrum is much more socially acceptable than a 31 year old's tantrum)....I still say it was semi-successful.

She did participate for about half of it.  So that's not too bad for the first class.  Or so I tell myself.

And yes, ballerina's get time-outs too.

1 comment:

Heather said...

But she looks SO cute, doesn't that count for something?? haha

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