Saturday, January 7, 2012

Up for the challenge?

It's totally not a challenge for me, because I already do it on the daily.  But, it may be just the challenge you need to start your year off on the right foot.

Not everyone can get K-Love where they live (and what a shame, what a shame) but the challenge isn't just about K-Love but about giving Christian music a chance for 30 days.  Listen to it for 30 days and see if it brings any change into your life.

I know that it's changed mine.  I remember the first song that I heard on K-Love that really opened my eyes.

I believe that it was almost a year ago that I made the change from country music to Christian.  Not saying that I don't occasionally "stop by" at my old stations just to hear the latest, but 99% of the time, my car station is set to K-Love.  It's my own private worship and I think that it helps me survive my two hour daily commute. And life, in general.

A couple-few that I just love to hear are:

So that's it....are you up for the challenge?

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