Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So What Wednesday

I think that it has been about ten years since I have done one of these...
Let's see if I remember how.
So what if...
  •  I seriously feel like I need chocolate.  Like, right now.  Need it.
  • The thought of sleeping in tomorrow is pure bliss.  And I secretly hope that Kage wakes up early so that I can throw her in bed with me to cuddle.
  • Having no real agenda tomorrow feels good.  We are taking Kin's full piggy bank in for a money order and then taking her deposit to her financial consultant.  Yes, she has a financial consultant.  :)
  • I have got to figure out this whole budget thing.  Seriously.
  • I spent over an hour driving around looking at homes today.  I fell in love.  Found out that it was sale pending.  Wanted to cry.
  • It had everything that we are looking for...and was in our price range.  :(
  • I have gained so much weight during my student teaching.  Ugh.  Must work that off.  Maybe I can afford my gym membership again now that I'm getting a paycheck.
  • Maybe I need to just focus on that whole budget thing.
  • It totally doesn't feel like Christmas to me.  At all.

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