Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What this doesn't show you...

My certificate came in the mail today.
I am certified in the state of Illinois to teach students K-9 in a self contained general education classroom.
I am endorsed to teach Middle School Language Arts.
I am endorsed to teach Middle School Social Sciences.

What the certificate will not say:
That this teacher walked onto that campus in 2004 with zero confidence--
but knew that there was something more for her in this world.
This teacher suffered through a broken marriage, but trudged on.
This teacher shed tears for her own loss when her father passed away.
This teacher pushed through during the times when she felt the most alone and her
best friend was named, Corona.
This teacher walked away a year from graduation, because she felt defeated.
This teacher moved away, got married and had a baby.  Trying to convince herself
that a life as a teacher wasn't for her.
This teacher knew the road she had to take and found her way back.
This teacher worked diligently, with a baby on her hip, to get the work done.
This teacher spent many sleepless nights working to prove her ability and desire to do right for her students.
Seven years in the making, she finally earned the certificate that healed all of the
wounds and scars on her heart that made her wonder if her dream would ever come true.
Today, I am a teacher.
I cry because I made it.
I finished what I set out to do even though life tried to tell me no.
I did it.  For me and for my daughter.
Education is something that no one can take away.
This platform is the first that I had to climb, but definitely not my last.

Masters Degree, ready or not, here I come!



Tom said...

Congratulations and very well said Joy!!

I've known you for the past 11 years, and if there is anything I know about you more than anything else, it's that when you set your mind and sight on things, you get them done, and this surely is proof of that.

Again, congraulations!!! What a great Christmas present to yourself.

Kacy said...

Beautiful!!! So happy for you!

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