Sunday, September 18, 2011

A day care update...

We made the big move.  Well, we're ready to make the big move.  I gave our current babysitter her notice and paid our deposit at the new school.
Now I just have to do the mountain of paperwork for the new place and her first day will be September 29.  I asked my husband to take the day off on the 29th to allow her a half day of transition.  Then on Friday, I will leave right after the bell rings to get her as early as possible. 

Monday, October 3 will be her first real full day.

Her current sitter really made me feel guilty about pulling her out.  She had tears in her eyes and sent me a big, long text about how upset her kids were..etc, etc.  I felt so bad!  It made me really question my decision.

And then on Friday (the day I gave her notice), I got no info on Kinley the whole day.  So, no clue when she napped, no clue when/what she ate, no clue on her diaper changes.

That sealed the deal.

I'm tired of being in the dark when it comes to my own daughter. 

If the lack of communication continues, I will pull her sooner.  But I wanted to at least give her a week notice.  That's the nice thing to do, right?

I'm really getting excited about the new place.  I think that Kage is going to really blossom having this curriculum and structure every day.  AND, I found out that picture day is during her first week.  So she'll be in the class picture and get fall pictures taken.  It's the little things. 

Life is all about the little things.

I sometimes worry that she'll never have pictures of
her and I experiencing life.  I'm always behind the
I promise, I do things with her too.  No one takes pictures
of it though.

Sandboxes aren't her thing.  She finally decided to walk in the one at
the zoo but she won't touch the sand or take her shoes off.  She hates
getting dirty.  And this day, I obviously didn't plan for a stop at the
sandbox--note the white tights and dress shoes.  Oh well.

Daddy, Kinley and Grandpa

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jlynn30 said...

This was our exact experience with our old daycare. You will not regret your choice for a second, I promise! Yay for the new daycare and picture day!

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