Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors
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  • Today is my student teaching orientation on campus!  I am so excited to hear all about what to expect and meet my supervisor.  And just maybe (but doubtful) I will have a placement by then.  I keep praying for a miracle.
  • I kind of consider this weekend a freebie.  Kinda-sorta.  I was planning to go to my mom's tonight with Kage since R has to work tomorrow.  He was going to ride the train there and then all of us come home together on Sunday.  Well that was all fine and good until my nephew was exposed to whooping cough at summer camp.  So, he's supposed to stay indoors, away from other children for a week while taking a precautionary antibiotic.  Hmmm.  Yeah, not taking Kage around that!
  • So we're on a "free" weekend that has no plans.
  • Since R has to work on Saturday, I think that I may take K to the pool.  We have been slacking on that quite a bit the last few weeks.  It truly takes more time to get ready for the pool that the time she wants to spend in the pool.  Maybe we should do the splash park instead.  That's probably the better idea.
  • Saturday night, we have a new sitter coming to stay with Kage for our monthly date night.  She's been booked for a few weeks and we were going to cancel in order to go visit mom....but never mind about that now.  So this girl is a high school junior and so sweet.  She actually met my mom over the summer and my mom found out that she lived near us (strange that they met four hours away!) and she introduced us.  And, she charges a lot less than our former girl.  Score!  So what to do on our date night?  R mentioned that we would go eat downtown (downtown our town, not downtown Chicago) at one of the cantinas or grattos and then he wants to see the Smurfs movie.  I am not kidding.  That's what he wants to do.  I wanted to see Friends With Benefits.  But since he's given in to my every movie request...I guess the Smurfs it is.  I have heard good things about we'll see.
  • Sunday will be our family church day.  We missed last weekend and I really hate to miss....  After church we're thinking about taking Kin to the big zoo (Brookfield) to see the big animals.  She hasn't been since she was like six months old...she'll enjoy it so much more this time around, I think.
The dolphins!
  •  My summer vacation starts today and I have a couple of weeks before student teaching starts and I plan to enjoy every minute with my -not so baby- girl!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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Barbara said...

Sounds like a nice weekend Joy! YAY for a date's been months since I've had one of those. I love that you're seeing Smurfs!

That little Kinley pic is so sweet!

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