Wednesday, August 3, 2011

They're Gonna Let Me Graduate!

I think that the prayers worked.  My step-dad came out of surgery just fine and so far, our friend Chet is doing very well too.  I think I worried myself sick over them yesterday.  By evening, I was flat exhausted and wanted nothing more than to just fall asleep.

But, I have a toddler and falling asleep isn't an option at 6:00 in the evening.

I met with my presentation group yesterday before class and I think we put the finishing touches on everything.  We present our lesson on Thursday and then take our final and then I am done-done-done.  Well, for two weeks.  Then I will be student teaching.  Somewhere.  Still praying on that one.

I also met with my advisor yesterday to do a final check before student teaching and graduation preparation.  She said that I am set to go and not only am I set to graduate but I am graduating with a double endorsement!  English/Language Arts and Social Sciences!  Plus, I will be extending my certification through the middle school grades--not that I have any desire to teach those grades--but I can if I so choose.  Go me!  I have worked so hard and fought through so many obstacles to get to this point. 

After meeting with my advisor, I got to take my paperwork to the Registrar's office and hand in my application for graduation and pay the processing fee.  It's official.

I so wish I had someone with me to take a picture of the proud moment.  But asking the guy behind me in line just seemed creepy.  So I settled for this picture instead.  I asked when the actual commencement ceremony would be and the date is TBA.  Grrr.  I need to know!  I need a countdown! 

I have been looking forward to this for so long.  And I remember when I was first going to this University, I would look at my study plan and think that this stage of my education was *so far* away.... and now, here it is.  I don't understand how some can decide not to walk during graduation.  Maybe I'm a sap but isn't that the moment that you work so hard for?  It is for me.  I may bend down and kiss that stage. 

I just know that there will be one heck of a celebration after!  And hopefully a job to celebrate too.


Bethany said...

So So So Proud of you!!!! We will be there screaming and blowing the air horns as you cross that stage!! Can't wait to celebrate with you!!!!

Barbara said...

Congrats Joy!! You are amazing and should kiss that stage. I plan on going back to school soon and you're an inspiration! I taught pre-k for 8 years and I loved it....teaching is so fulfilling and you'll be wonderful.

Amanda said...

Congrats, that is so exciting to finally make it to that point, good for you!

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