Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moos and Quacks

Today I started feeling the crunch.  The crunch of summer coming to an end and fall fast approaching.  Not that the weather shows any signs of summer ending's sweltering out there!  I started feeling the mommy guilt of not having done enough with my baby this summer.  I am learning that it will never be enough.  Even if I did something new every single day.  I would still feel guilt.

But I wasn't going to let it get me down today!  I put Kage in the car and off we went to a small zoo close to our apartment.  It's mainly farm animals and a few reptiles but with her love of animals...this place is right up her alley.  And, it's three bucks for both of us to get in.

It was about a twenty minute drive and I treated myself to an iced coffee at the DD.  I ordered a medium and the nice man at the window gave me a free upgrade to a large (see what being nice will do!  saying please and thank you is very important!).  I tried to get my K-Cups there and that location didn't have them yet.  Rats. 

Off to the zoo we go.

It was hot.  Did I mention how hot it is today?  I'm not complaining...just sayin'.

Kinley loved it.  Love, love, love.  For about an hour.  And then she was done.  And hungry. 

So we stopped and got her a Happy Meal on the way home.  And all was right in her world.

I was just thankful that the child was eating.  She has been on super high picky status lately and it seems that she lives on mac-n-cheese and fruit snacks.  Judge if you will, but I will give her what she'll eat.  I know it's not the healthiest of choices.  I was over the moon when she ate all of the chicken nuggets and a small portion of fries.  And, come to find out, she loves the orange hi-c.  Yeah, still won't do milk.  And I'm tired of fighting it.  Today wasn't a day for that.

She was saying, "Ssssssssssss" to the snake.

The baby goats wanted to nibble her stroller.  This freaked her out.
And, I still *love* this stroller.
Checking out the donkey.  Hee-haw.
My almost 20 month old daughter is wearing a size 9 month romper.
Tiny butt.  I love her petite self.

She had enough.  Waving good-bye to her animal friends!
I totally caught her in a moment before nap today.  *melt my heart* 
She was in her room "reading."

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