Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So What Wednesday

Check out Shannon, at Life After I "Dew" and join me in saying So What this week!
So What if...
  • I acted completely shocked when I saw the SWW posts on my Google Reader this morning?  I feel like Wednesday totally snuck up on me.
  • I actually cried my whole way to school yesterday?  It's an hour and a half drive.  I was praying so hard for so many things...and listening to K-Love makes me cry anyway. 
  • it's Wednesday and I have yet to make a real dinner for my family this week?
  • ever since seeing these in the drive-thru yesterday, I can't stop thinking about them.  And I may have to will make room in the budget to go and get a box today.

  • Kinley is all of a sudden terrified of the phone ringing and people knocking at the door.  I am secretly loving the way she lunges into my arms when R's phone rings. 
  • if I have so much faith in my praying that I truly believe that I will find out today that I have been placed for student teaching.
  • I pray that I am not disappointed.
  • I am a freak and am fretting over the proper puncuation on the SWW.  I mean, I start all bullets with the "So What If..." line so technically each should end with a "?" but it just feels so weird to end with a "?" when they are technically statements and not questions.  So I just hate putting "?" and I actually go back and forth about four times before saying heck with it and just putting a period.  Yes, I'm that weird grammar girl.  Ugh.

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