Tuesday, August 2, 2011

They Made A Switch

Today I will spend my day in prayer.  One of my bestie's husband is going in for a pretty big surgery this morning.  I am so nervous for him (and her!).  She is being so strong at a time when I know I would break.  But that's how she faces everything that life hands her....with such courage.  He goes in at 8:00 CST this morning.  Join me in saying a prayer for Chet.

My step-dad is having surgery on his hand.  While it isn't as risky of a surgery as the above mentioned, I think that all surgeries are a risk.  So I pray for him to have a safe surgery, and quick recovery.  My mom really depends on him and I know that he's going to try to recover quickly.  But I pray that he makes it through without pain or complications.

I am also praying for an answer with my student teaching.  I talked to Sara (the placement lady) yesterday over the phone and she told me that I had three districts left to try out.  Within twenty minutes, the list was down to two.  She then called out a favor from a principal that she knows personally.  The school where he's at is in the ideal location.  Well, not as ideal as the one in my backyard...but still much more ideal that the last choice.  The school is right by Richie's office.  Totally convenient.  She emailed the principal yesterday and I am praying so hard that he accepts me into his school. 

If not, it's going to be an hour each way commute for me every.single.day this semester.  Ugh.

Last night we met with the manager at Zales.  I am so glad that you all pushed me to pursue this ring issue.  He was so very nice.  He listened to our concerns and didn't blow us off.  I insisted that he look up the transaction at purchase and tell me how my ring was "classified."  But before he did that, I told him to score the ring as it was today.  He told me that he would score it as an I-3 with visible inclusions.  I agreed with that score, because well--there is a huge white cloud in the ring.  We pulled up the sale transaction from four years ago, the ring was sold as an I-1-no visible inclusions.  Hmmmmm.

He knew that we were right.

When Richie looked at the stone under the scope, he noticed that the carbon inclusion that was in the stone wasn't the same carbon inclusion that we had seen before.  The inclusion that was in the stone at purchase was a small, round carbon speck at the bottom-center of the stone. But not visible by the naked eye, and not visible through the top of the diamond.  The now carbon inclusion was long and sprouted looking--like a river--sort of.  And was visible from the top of the stone.

That is not our diamond.

So he's sending it to the diamond bond guy--or whatever he is--to see "what can be done for us."  He asked me if I'd like to just trade in my ring to get something new and I firmly said no.  I want my ring.  I am more upset than anything.  That stone was OURS.  YOUR guy stole it.  What is going to be done?

All that he said was that they would most likely be replacing the diamond.

But what will it be replaced with?  No diamond will replace the sentimental value that the first had.  And you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be getting that new diamond appraised immediately.  I think I may have lost all faith and trust in my once favorite jeweler, Zales.


almira sita marchaban said...

seems u had a very tough day
hope everything's going well :)

Me said...

What a bummer about the stone :( At least you said something though and you know for sure! I wouldn't want a new ring either. You said your vows with that ring - it's not just a diamond in some gold - it is so much more, especially with the rocky road you've been on with your hubby recently. I get that it represents so much more than that for you. If anything, maybe they'll give you a bigger diamond ;)!!!! Can you press charges against the person that handled the ring for "stealing" your diamond or at the very least will you know how he was reprimanded - or even fired for his dishonest, immoral decisions on the job?

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