Friday, July 8, 2011

Welcome baby Grimace!

In my short (almost) 19 months as a mommy, my "professional" opinion is that time goes into fast forward at 15 months.  I feel like we *just* celebrated that 15 month milestone and I blink and that 2nd birthday is coming so close.  Really?  How did it go so fast?

I remember when the span of a year took for-ev-er.  A year is sooooo long.  A year of anything is just too much.

And now, a year is just a blink of an eye.

Our dear friends, Beth and James (or Grimace as we call him), had their first baby on July 4th (I know, how cool is that!).  I got the text that she was being induced on the 3rd and the text sent goosebumps over my body.  I remember being in that exact place.  I remember the feelings of excitement and nervousness and fear.  As the day went on, I was getting texts about how far dilated she was and then it was time for her epidural and then she labored and waited....  I remember it all.

And then, Graydon was born!
It felt like just yesterday that I was in that exact place.  Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my girl.  Feeling like it would just never come.  Those were the longest 37 weeks.  They took for-ev-er.

And now....time won't slow down.

She walks. She runs. She's even learning how to jump. Well, she's practicing her jumping skills.  She talks, she yells, she bosses.  She swims.  She loves.  She learns.  She kisses.  She hugs.  She's every bit of perfection that I know.  She's the true heaven on earth for me--an angel kissed by God and sent for us to share and love.
Wasn't it just yesterday that she was born?  We really couldn't be that close to two years, could we?  How does it happen so fast?

"Miss Thing" has grown into such a beautiful girl.  She is a strong minded and strong willed little girl.  I hope that I'm able to capture and enjoy every minute with her because they fly by so fast. 

I know that Beth probably won't be reading this for quite some time.....I so remember those first weeks at home.  I think that you barely remember to pee.  :)  But when she does, I just want to tell her to really love every minute and every moment cause they will fly by so fast.  Everyone tells you about how fast it goes....and I remember laughing and thinking "yeah right" but it is so true.  Love him and hold him and smell his tiny head!  Before long, you'll be chasing behind him wishing for those cuddle days again!

Congratulations, Beth and Grim!

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Heather said...

They do grow up so fast. When your pregnant it feels like forever. Then when they come out it goes by so fast. Mikayla is 11 and Emerald is 16 months. I remember when both were born and it feels like yesterday for both. I get emotional sometimes when I look at Emie and realize she gets closer and closer to 2 and soon will be mikaylas age.

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