Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Strolling, strolling on the river....

I feel like a stroller wheel & deal kind of girl tonight.  I have purchased two strollers off of craigslist recently, and liked both of them.  But tonight, sold them both--on craigslist.  We have had FIVE strollers in her short 19 months.  FIVE.  We still do have her travel system, and it still looks new.  But we stored it down at my mom's because we just don't have room for it here.  And now, I need a nice lightweight stroller for quick walks and mall visits.  And I just so happen to be "friends" on facebook with one of those mommy couponing pages and a deal for a stroller on was posted.

It's so super cute, and only like $55 bucks--shipped.  I know!  I couldn't pass it up.  But because of the funds situation (stupid money!) I had to make the money before I could spend it.  So I put both of the "new" strollers that I've been hauling in my SUV on craigslist and they both sold!  Sweet.

So tomorrow, when that money hits my hand, my hand clicks "buy!"

Check it out....
Yep, it's cute.  And has pretty decent reviews.  And if I don't like it, it's free returns.  Can't beat it.

These are the two that I sold:  (as if it matters now)

I know, both are cute.  But I'm excited about my new (for real, new--not craigslist new) lighter weight stroller. 

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Barbara said...

Hi Joy! I love reading your blog...I've been meaning to leave you a comment!! I was JUST looking at that stroller on Amazon! I may be ordering it this week....I still have my heavy Graco and its time to move on!
Come drop by sometimes (I'm a January WTE mama)

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