Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lord, help me now!

My daughter embarrassed me for the first of what I am sure will be many times.  I arrived to pick her up from day care yesterday and she put on the biggest show of misbehavior, ever.  And I've been told by three different babysitters that she doesn't act like that for them.  So, it's got to be true.  She does this to me.  Only me.

And everyone says that children push the boundaries more for their parents than for others....and I believe that now.

The day care lady (y'all know how much I hate calling her that) lives in a very, very nice house.  And it is very nicely decorated.  She has a finished basement that is kid friendly for a play room but she allows Kinley to basically roam the house.  But when I come to pick her up....Kinley immediately starts climbing the stairs, throwing knick knacks, going through her stuff.....ugh!  How embarrassing!  When I try to pick her up to make her stop, she bucks and thrashes and arches her back and SCREAMS.  OMG. Shoot me now.  And day care lady loves to chit chat when I pick her up...which is totally cool, but not when my child is being an absolute nightmare in the middle of her perfectly decorated mansion.  Okay, not mansion, but compared to our apartment...the place is a mansion.

She just laughs and says, "Kinley, what are you doing?! You don't act that way for me!"  Haha.  No, I'm sure she doesn't.  She saves this for me.

I just don't know what to do.  She's 19 months old and is already disrespecting me so bad.  When I end up dragging her out of there, her smacking at my face, I am just mortified.  It is so embarrassing that I can't control my 19 month old.  I can't even imagine how it will be when she is 3 or 4.  I refuse to have that kid.  Okay, so I already have that kid.  But how do I fix it?

We do the time-out thing and it really does nothing.  She serves her two minutes and then gets up and goes right back to what she was serving the time out for.  She does not care.

And I know that I'm the one to blame here....I tell her how perfect she is about 1,000 times a day.  The child is going to be so vain.  Ugh.  I am the push-over.  But she's still a baby!  Right?  How do you discipline a baby?  I need a book on this, huh?

Is it too late?  Have I ruined her?  Is there no turning back?

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StarMommy said...

Katie embarrassed the crap out of me yesterday at Trader Joe's. I thought it would be a good idea to have her push the little cart (since we were only picking up a couple things). It worked for a minute until she started to wander. And then threw a full-blown tantrum when I tried to reign her in. I just KNOW everyone in the tiny store was thinking about how she rules me, not the other way around.

This nonsense has to stop. If you find a good book, send it my way, please!

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