Monday, July 25, 2011

Stroller Update

One of my readers asked for a review on the new stroller that we bought for Kinley.  It is the Contours Lite Stroller from Amazon and it was $54 with free shipping.  We've only taken it out one time so far but we both just love it!  It looks trendy, Kage seems comfy in it, and it is super lightweight and easy to push.  Overall, we're super happy with it and won't be using the free return option, after all!

The downsides that I've noticed are that the adult cup holder is in an odd place and a large cup is sort of in the way of the handle.  And the snack tray is a little high, but I kind of like it that way....  and it's removable, so that isn't really a downside. 

For $54, you can't beat it.  It's well worth the money.

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Barbara said...

Thanks Joy. Its in my Amazon shopping cart but I always have a hard time pressing the "buy" button. I'm happy you and Kinley like it!

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