Thursday, July 28, 2011

My thing...

For some girls, the vision of this, makes their tummy get butterflies:

And for some, maybe the sight of this will make their heart skip a beat:

And for some, maybe the idea of this will make them all happy inside:

And for some, maybe this is enough to just make them smile:

And then there are those who can be satisfied and feel all filled up with happiness by just seeing this:

We all have our things that make us tick.  Those things that just make us happy.  Those things that make you giddy.

For me, these are my things.

Yes, the return of the school year brings out all of the fun school supplies!  I run to the aisles and look at all of the new pencils and folders.  All of the Elmers and Crayola!  I seriously go nuts.  I get excited over this stuff, peeps. 

I guess it's how I know that my calling to be a teacher is deep rooted in this heart of mine.  Because even though I'm not teaching yet, the start of each school year has always caused an awakening in me.  Kind of the way that Spring does each year.  It awakens the fresh start. 

Call me crazy (and I'm sure you will) but school supplies and the "Back To School" aisles, are my thing.

Not to say that I would turn down Coach, Tiffany, a new Apple product, Godiva or Starbucks.


Amanda said...

Same here, those back to school signs get my blood pumping!

StarMommy said...

And this is how I know we have to meet - I absolutely adore school supplies. I love the idea of getting crayons and notebooks and packages of pencils for $.15 a piece. I crave the smell of those hundreds of spiral notebooks just begging to be written in. What I don't like is when stores try to limit the amount of each item you can buy.

smittenbythecity said...

I love school supplies too! Especially the cool organizational binders they put out... swoon! :)

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