Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors
This is my Weekend Warrior list, join me!  The button is to the right.

  • The in laws are coming up this evening, so it's a weekend for entertaining.
  • Tonight I believe we'll be eating at a local place, most likely our favorite pizza place.  Everyone always wants pizza when they come to visit.  Guess it's the whole "Chicago style" thing...
  • Tomorrow, my husband has to go to a duck blind drawing (don't ask) in the afternoon so him and his dad will be doing that while I find something to do with my mother-in-law.  It's right at Kage's nap time so we may sit and stare at each other while she sleeps.  Dunno.  But you know....(this is going to get way too long and drawn out for a bullet and it's going to make me crazy to have this super long bullet and all the others short---but I'll deal) my MIL (mother-in-law) and I get along fine--but we are not close.  Not at all.  And R thinks that it's because I come off as stuck up.  Whoa. Yes, my husband did say that to me.  In therapy, thank God for him.  But the truth of the matter is that I am so not stuck up.  I am shy.  Big difference.  Often confused.  But the point is that I am really, really, really going to try to open up more and make more of my time with her this visit.  I always have intentions, but it always falls to pieces.  Cause I think that she is just as quiet and shy as I am....maybe?  Either way, most of the time we sit in silence.  Maybe she just doesn't like me?  Psssh, how could you not like me?  KIDDING!  But I'm thinking that maybe I'll take her to walk around our downtown or something.  If Kage can tolerate it.  But the main thing is, I have intentions.  We'll see how far they go....
  • Saturday night will most likely be a Portillo's dinner night.  That's the number 2 thing that visitors like to do while in town.
  • Sunday, church for us (and hopefully them) and then lunch somewhere.  And then they leave that afternoon.

So it doesn't really seem like we'll be doing anything but eating.  So typical for a parent's visiting weekend.  All that they care to do is sit with Kinley in her natural habitat.  Watch her do her thing.  I guess we take that for granted because we see it everyday....but they don't.  We're okay with that.  It's cheaper!  Kinley is free entertainment!  R and I were hoping to sneak away after her bedtime one night and go for a movie, since we have the free babysitter and all.  But the jury is still out on that one.  I really, really want to see that Crazy, Stupid Love movie.  Know which one I'm talking about?  It premieres this weekend.

R was really wanting to do the whole tourist in the city thing and hit up the Science and Industry museum but I just don't see us having time for it with his drawing thrown in mid day Saturday....well, it's from like 11-3.  So yeah, all of Saturday is basically shot for a group activity.  And I am trying really hard to not be all bitter about the drawing thing... cause normally I would be.  But I won't be bitter.  I won't be bitter.  I will just say that maybe next time we will play city tourists and hit the museums.

That is our Weekend Warrior list....what is yours?  Link up!

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Maria said...

hi! :) im your newest follower from the blogaholic site.
sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned. i laughed when you said, "sounds like all we're doing is eating" i say the same thing to my husband all the time..."our life revolves around food" ;)
have a great weekend! your page is adorable...looking forward to reading more!

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