Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let the Games Begin!

I decided that opening my new Bible app and reading would help ease the anxiety that I was feeling. 

Kinley decided to sleep until it was time to run out the door this morning.  Which was nice because I was able to shower, get dressed, put on make-up AND dry and iron my hair without my little assistant.  But it was kind of sad too....cause I didn't have my little assistant.  And because of my gyno appointment, I had to take her to day care early.  So her sleeping in robbed me of my baby time this morning.  I was so looking forward to splishy-splashy time with her morning bath.  I was looking forward to eating sliced grapes from slobbery hands during breakfast.  I was just looking forward to her. 

So yes, I was able to enjoy a stress-free morning, but in turn had to wake her up at 8:45 and put her directly into her car seat so that we had time to get cash and take her to the sitter.  She arrived in her jammers with a cup of apple juice in hand.  I chit chatted for a minute, apologizing for her attire and said that there was an outfit and her crocs in the back pack.  Let her know that she wouldn't be ready to eat for about an hour....and off I went.

I got to my appointment early (shocker!  I'm never early for anything.) and there was only one other person in the waiting room.  She had her toddler with her--and hey, they have *our* stroller!-- but seeing her little guy made me miss my little girl.  I got called back and the nurse asked me if my visit was just for the Mirena removal and I shook my head yes.  I asked her, "is this going to hurt?"  She assured me that it was so simple and "just a pinch."  Ugh.  I hate when medical professionals say "just a pinch."  Cause I think that there is an actual medical course on things to say instead of saying 'yes, it's going to hurt like heck'--and "just a pinch" was learned in week 1. 

So there I sit, in my paper towel dress.  Reading my Bible app and trying to calm myself down.  I birthed a baby.  I can handle this.  It wasn't working.

The doctor came in.  And although I like him, he's no Dr. Mulch--my former obgyn.  And it irks me to no end when a doctor tries to have the exact same conversation with you that you had at your last appointment.  And it's about my health history.  It's not about the Cubs game.  That little folder that you walk in's got it in there that you already checked me for diabetes.  And it probably already says that you called me personally two days ago to tell me that I'm fine.  So don't come in and ask me when I am able to come back for a diabetes screening.  mK?  And also, don't tell me that you'll call me in a couple of days with my pap result from last week.  Cause in that folder, it will also tell you that your office sent me a note yesterday. 

Maybe I don't like him as much as I had thought. 

I won't like anyone as much as I like Dr. Mulch. 

Searching for reassurance, I ask him if this is going to hurt.  He claims that it's easier than the insertion.  Sweet.  The insertion was completely painless for me!  And then 1-2-3, it was out and he was holding it up with his little tweezer-IUD-grabber-thing-tool. 

There is was. 

Our protection. 



I did feel a small twinge of a cramp when he took it out.  But it really wasn't much.  And I am cramping slightly now.  But it's nothing that requires Advil or anything.

I walked out and immediately sent my husband a text:  "Let the baby making begin!"

He called me right back and said:  "We'll get started tonight." 

Such a man thing to say. 

The current game plan is to give my body 2-3 months to have a period.  If it follows in the pattern that it did pre-Kinley, I won't have one.  In that case, I am to call to start Clomid.  So I am thinking that I'll give it till my birthday.  End of November. 

Feels so weird to even be discussing all of this.  I thought that I didn't want any more.  But something feels right.  Something is telling me that we're doing the right thing.


Bethany said...

I love this post and the fact that I will get to see you pregnant!!! I cant wait to run to Chicago to see a new baby Throgmorton!!! I still want to deliver him or her!!

Stephanie Mitchell said...

Yay! So happy for you guys!

Barbara said...

I'm so happy your appt. went well. TTC is so exciting!!!

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