Thursday, July 28, 2011

There's An App For That!

I am so tired of waking up and it taking an hour for my eyes to adjust.  Here I sit complaining when all fingers are pointed at me.  Take out your contacts, you lazy girl!  I was so good about it for over a year.  I took them out every single night.  Then all it takes is one relapse and Boom!  Back at it. 

I really am going to try to take the time to take them out.

And I also skipped washing off my make-up before bed last night and now I feel like I have tarantulas for eye lashes because of all of the mascara residue.  Ewww.

Bet I'm just a sight this morning!

I am just a ball of nerves today.  It's the "big day" for me.  Getting the Mirena removed at the gyno in just under three hours.  I was having so much doubt last night. 
Are we doing the right thing?

What if we actually get pregnant?

Are we ready for that?

Is Kinley really ready for that?

I mean, just a month ago, I would have laughed in your face if I told you that I'd be having this thing removed.  Let alone, looking into having another baby.

But then I remind myself that I am primarily removing it to get my body to try and do it's own thing....sans hormones.  And hopefully stop the cramping that's been happening.

And I also remind myself how hard it is for me to conceive.  Nearly impossible.  So the chance of me getting pregnant is so super slim.  It's not like I'm a normal case here.

After talking with one of my blogging/IRL friends, I have decided to download the Bible app and start reading.  How crazy is it that I'm reading the Bible on an app?  I have the "real" version here...  Maybe I'll do both.  The app is just convenient for on the go...which I am.  But aside from all that, the point is that I want to start reading.  Confession time?  I have never read the Bible.  Like, ever.  I know.  I know.

But we were talking last night and I think that we'll read it as a family.  My husband has poor reading skills, and I so badly want to teach him new reading strategies--but that's beside the point--and won't read it on his own...and Kage needs to learn the importance of it as well.  So family reading time it is!  And I think that I'm going to read it on my own first and reread it with them.  Because for me, reading and rereading works best for comprehension sometimes.  And let's face it, that Bible is pretty intimidating!

My in-laws are coming in this weekend for a visit, my husband actually said that he hopes that they'll come to church with us on Sunday.  I think that his mom may but def not his dad.  His mom is a very strict Catholic, so she'll come but probably feel like a fish out of water with the contemporary service.  Who knows, maybe she'll love it!

And since I have to get off of here and jump in the shower before KG gets up, here are couple of cute shots from the last couple of days:

Kinley, are you throwing your stroganoff to Lucy?  (she shakes her
head no)

There's nothing more fun than going cruisin' with
daddy---with M&Ms all over your face!
And one more thing!  My baby brother is 30 today!  Happy Birthday, Jereme!  (even though I know for sure that he's not reading).  Makes me feel so old!

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