Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Blingy Issues

Kinley woke up at 6:00 which is was too early for me her and now she's mad at the world because she's still tired.  Everything is making her cry.  I'm almost excited that today is a school day. 

Remember how I told you about the whole Zales thing yesterday?  So, I did write a nice little note to their corporate office regarding the less than stellar customer service that we received at their store.  This woman was the rudest person.  And knowing how many thousands of dollars we've dropped in their store...we expect decent customer service.  Not perfect, but decent.  She was a far cry from decent.  So I wrote a note.  It resulted in a phone call from the district manager and then a fifty dollar gift card.  And not that I'm not appreciative, but a fifty dollar gift card from a jeweler is purely for their benefit, not mine.  Cause they know good and well that I'll have to spend at least another $100 to even use the thing.  But that's another issue. 

So we go to pick up my rings and we get the same fabulous sales person.  I get the vibe that she knows that I complained.  Maybe I'm just paranoid, but it sure seemed like she knew.  Not that she was even nicer, really.  I pick up my rings and away we go. 

We got to the car and I was taking pictures (for the blog, of course) and my husband asked to see it (to see how good he did--his words, not mine--such a goof!).  He immediately saw something in the center diamond and was like, "what is that?"  I start peering into the stone with him and was like, "oh yeah, what is that?"  There was a big white something in the diamond.  So he polished it on his shirt thinking that something got under the stone or maybe on top or maybe the side of it.  Nope.  Still there.

Not sure what to do, we put Kage back into her stroller and back into the mall we went.  Knowing that we'd be dealing with the awesome sales person again, I expected nothing but attitude.  After waiting for about ten minutes for her to come and help us, we told her the situation.  She grabbed her little magnifier thing and looked into the stone.  Sure enough, her "diagnosis" is that there is a large cloud inclusion.  We get that.  But my stone never had a large cloud inclusion.  My husband looked at tons of diamonds before buying the one in my ring.  He knows the stone well. 

So....what do you do?

She gave us the store manager's card and said we'd have to discuss it with him.

But in all honesty, it's their word against ours.  The diamond isn't registered, so there is no record saying that the cloud inclusion was there or wasn't there when purchased.  We still haven't called the manager.  We feel defeated before even starting....  What would you do?  We've heard accusations of jewelers switching diamonds before, but does that really happen?  We clearly stated that we weren't blaming or pointing fingers....we just want to know why there is an apparent inclusion there now that wasn't there two weeks ago when we dropped it off.

It stresses me.

To completely switch topics....(which is code for:  Kage is starting to freak out and I gotta cut it short)

I got a new polish color last night.  And I am in love.

Fuchsia Flare by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
We picked up Kinley's Cozy Coupe car from our storage unit on Sunday and since, she won't get out of it.  She wants to watch Super Why in the car.  She wants to eat in the car.  She wants to climb in the car.  She wants to go on walks in her car.  She loves the car.

And this one, is just because it is so stinkin' adorable.

And lastly, this one is because it made me jump up and down.

Yes, I did in fact make the Dean's List last semester.  Go me!  I totally was shocked.  For some reason, I was under the impression that 4.0 was Dean's List...and well, I got 3 A's and 1 B last semester.  Guess I was wrong!  So my Dean's List run continues strong!


Me said...

You should DEFINITELY call! If it can happen by bumping it or whatever at least you'll have piece of mind about how it may have shown up and not feel sick about it being switched out. You never know what they will say to you when you call and if your tone and words are appropriate for the situation I think their response will be too. It never hurts to just make the call! PLUS maybe they have record of what your diamond was when it was bought, like a description or some sort proving that it wasn't there, even if it's not registered it's not like they just scan and bag the purchase like a grocery store. Like I said YOU NEVER KNOW! Just call :)

Barbara said...

Reading about your ring makes me mad! Please call that's ridiculous!! When I have my ring cleaned at Robbins Brothers they are nothing but nice and will fix any flaw if need be....they even resized it for free.

A big Congrats about the deans list! Awesome job!

Rachel said...

I wore my grandmother's mega diamond earrings in our wedding and I was to inherit them when she passed away. She had them appraised shortly before the wedding and they appraised at the appropriate diamond level. Then about a year ago, she took all of her jewelry to be appraised and it was discovered that the earrings were not diamonds anymore!?!?!? There was no way to prove whether the switch occurred during the original appraisal or the second, but it was really upsetting! I still inherited the earrings (and honestly they may not have even been diamonds on our wedding day. Who knows?!?) Moral of my story-jewelers can be sneaky. (but not all of them) It's very sad. Did you have an appraisal done for your insurance? It may have a description of the diamond in it and that would be good ammunition for your call to the store manager. Hope it all works out!!

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