Tuesday, July 26, 2011

That's Not My Name

If you had the chance to see the movie Horrible Bosses, you are probably laughing till you pee right now.  And if you haven't seen the movie, well, you really should.  Cause it is funny.  And, that is a clip (although a very poor quality one) from the movie.  FYI:  it's from YouTube.  I didn't steal it---cause they, obviously did.

When I was pregnant, I always referred to Kinley as KG Layne.  KG for Kinley Grace and Layne--- I don't know where or why I came up with that.  But it just was.  And my husband would get so mad and tell me that our daughter will not have nicknames.  And our daughter won't go by a shortened name. 

Ummm, hello, your name is RICHIE and your birth certificate reads RICHARD.  mmmK?

Fast forward 19 months and now we both call her every nickname under the sun.  Our poor daughter may never know her real name.

She goes by Kin, Kage, KG, KG Layne, Bunca, Bunca Noodle, Bunca Noodle Dandy, Bunk, Bunky, Noodle Sauce, Nudes (short for Noodle), Nudey Tude (short for Noodle with a twist), Angel, Baby Girl.... I seem to find something new every single day.

This can't be healthy, no?

But I can't help it....they just fall out of my mouth. 

I mean, we do call her Kinley, occasionally.


Amanda said...

I know it's (clearly) not the same, but I do that with my dog too. Zoey has more nicknames then even I can keep track of.

Amanda said...

I know it's (clearly) not the same, but I do that with my dog too. Poor Zoey has more nicknames than I can keep track of, I gotta wonder how confusing it is for her!

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