Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My absence in pictures

Before her first hair-cut

After the hair-cut!  She looks so much older!

She moved out of her highchair and into her booster chair.  Such a
big girl!

One of the worst pictures of me, ever.  But hey--I'm not *that*
shallow.  I'll post bad pictures of myself too....  but only because it's of me,
my mom, Kage and my nephew.

Reading her book.  Upside down.  Minor detail.

How did she get so big?  I remember when she took up 1/4 of this crib.

My super cute new outfit from Old Navy.
Yep, it was on clearance.  And yep, I look like
a tool in this picture.  Whatever.  Admire the  outfit,
will ya?

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