Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So What Wednesday

Link up with Shannon @ Life After I "Dew" and join me in saying So What...
  • So what if I am still doing the happy dance over passing the APT exam.  It is a huge deal.  Sadly, only a huge deal to me. 
  • So what if I haven't been to the gym in almost a week.  Trust me, I know how bad I suck. 
  • So what if building a great tan has been a big priority to me lately.
  • So what if I totally BS'd a 10 page paper yesterday.  It was due YESTERDAY and I had to skip class to write the stupid thing.  Totally F quality.
  • So what if I'm totally Joy hating lately.  I am so down on myself about everything.
  • So what if I'm totally digging the new Beiber perfume.  It smells amazing. (and I know that it's probably spelled wrong but I can't make myself remember how to spell it without Googling first and I'm too lazy right now.)

  • So what if I think that my new iPhone is the reason for my absent blogging.  I never have a reason to sit at my laptop anymore.

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